The Chase (Fast Track Series)

The Chase - Erin McCarthy My thoughts:I will say the same old thing, yes this is a series, but it works fine as a stand alone novel. I jumped straight in, knowing nothing, but it did not matter since this in the end was all about Evan and Kendall.Kendall grew up wanting to race cars, and that she sure did. It has taken years, and hard work, but finally she is proving to everyone that she can drive as good as any man can. She is strong, but she also hides her emotions too much and plays it cool. One thing that can make those emotions show is Evan who she just to date 10 years ago. He is a bit of a player, but at the same time not. And what I liked about him is that when he set his sight on her again he did not want to let go. He knew it was right. Together they made one explosive couple.Oh yes the explosive part, there was a bit more sex than I had thought. I guess I have been reading nice books lately because this to me was a passionate book. They wanted each other, a lot. So what these do have is sexual chemistry.It was a hot book about a couple who used to be in love finding each other again. And at the same time dealing with the issues of racing. Evan needs a sponsor and Kendall needs the guys to take her seriously.There was one negative thing and that was one plotline at the end, I did not really care for it, and I felt it could have been left out, or another road could have been taken. And no I will not tell you what it is.Conclusion:A hot romance set in an interesting setting. I do not know much about racing, but I do think a romance fits well there. And it did make me interested in reading more.Rating:Short and nice