The Dragon's Path

The Dragon's Path  - Daniel Abraham This was the start of another intriguing fantasy series, one about political turmoil and war. The book is about 4 people. Marcus who used to be a great hero but as a nation marches to destroy his city he leaves with a caravan. Sick of fighting for princes. He was a good leader, he did things that had to be done, and he knew how things worked. Cithrin, a young woman was most of the time part of his story. As she left the same city with money and jewels hidden to take them to another Bank. A part of his caravan. She was young, a bit naïve, did some silly things, but then she was not yet sure of herself and as the book progressed the more sure she got. Then we have the other site. The conquering nation. Geder, son of a minor lord, and a bit heavy and he would rather read books. But his life was the one that would change the most. He went from knowing nothing to becoming a better man. But as he did that he made mistakes, and in the end he still was not his own man. So from nothing to something, he still was nothing. In and out of his story with a story of his own was Dawson, a lord playing games at the royal court. Trying to save the king. The book is about these 4 people. Their paths even cross. They all have good sides and bad sides. But they form a very interesting cast and the book works well showing the world through their eyes. They story is a lot about politics. Powers are working behind the king in one country and there is a ripple effect. The countries are not so stable. There are a lot of schemes behind the scenes that binds together this fascinating story. The world is also different as there are 13 different races living there. Human looking ones, and not some human looking. But some countries have more of one sort and some not. There are also talk about dragons, that lived before them, but they seem to be no more. The tale starts with a man running, so throughout the book you know that the schemes and the wars are not the biggest problem. There is a spidergoddess who will cause chaos. When I do not know, but she is coming and it will not end well. An interesting start to a fantasy series, and at the end I know that I have much more before me. I will cheer for some, and not so much for others. A book for those fantasy fans that like a bit more politics in their books.