A Woman Worth Ten Coppers (Shadowed Path Series #1)

A Woman Worth Ten Coppers - Morgan Howell My thoughts:The book had a strange feeling to it, it was not epic fantasy, it felt like fantasy romance, without the romance. Just these hints of romance and feelings.Yim is chosen by the Goddess and she does her best to follow her path. Though she does have these TSTL moments. They travel to a dark and desolate landscape and even though she already was in a jam earlier she still gets in trouble and needs to be rescued. I still like her because she is not truly TSTL, she just seem way too innocent and naive. I would thought she had learnt her lesson. Anyway, she ends up being a slave to Honus. Now he is good man who served a holy guy, still one would think he would be nicer to his slave, or at least tell her he would free her later or something. Instead he eyes her with lust, not very nice then now is he. But in the end Honus is a good man, his ego just seem to be a bit too big.Yes you guessed it, these two will obviously get feelings for each other. You know it all the time. Under the mean time they travel through a dark world, a world which I liked because it was truly creepy and dark. A dark god is gaining powers and the world is going to hell. And then there is the big secret. She has a secret. He is going to where she should go as he also serve the Goddess. Does she tell him? No. One would think it would get her out of slavery and make her more comfortable so that she does not need to fear rape and getting sold. But yes yes Goddess, secrets and all that jazz.Conclusion:Enjoyable. I just wish i had not read the blurb for the 2nd book cos there I figured something out and then I checked book 3. Yeesh, depressing.