Dragon Keeper (The Rain Wild Chronicles)

The Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb Dragon keeper is the newest book by Robin Hobb, and it is book one of The Rain Wild Chronicles. The next and last book in this series will be published next year. This book takes the reader back to Bingtown and the Rain Wilds and familiar characters from the Liveship books makes an appearance.The dragon Tintaglia has called on the sea serpents and they have migrated up the river to make their cocoons. Many have died getting there and many die making them. When they finally emerge they are nothing like the magnificent dragons of the old. They are broken, deformed, they can't fly, and some do not have the minds they should have. Something has to be done when they prove a danger to the community. The dragons start to speak of the Elderling city of Kelsingra, and soon it is decided that they will be helped getting there.On this journey are those unlucky of The Rain Wilds, and one is Thymara, born with claws and of the knowledge she should have been put out in the wild at birth. But she is fascinated by the dragons and wants to help. Leftrin, captain of the liveship Tarman also has an interest in these dragons, and last is Alise Finbrook, who has been studying ancient texts about Elderlings and dragons for years.The dragon keepers have a long road ahead, and there are those that see a profit in dragons, and think of them as dumb cows.The Liveships series was not my favorite out of Hobbs books, but this one was different. Perhaps because of the mysterious Rain Wilds and its strange and deformed inhabitants. I do hope that this book may give some insight why they are as they are.It is a good start to a series even though not much happen in the book. First closer to the end they finally start their journey and the whole book up to that is about the journey there. The reader is introduced to all the characters and learns about their lives for a couple of years and what all leads them to this point in life.One is Thymara, who knows she has no future and who watched the dragons hatch some years ago. A strong girl who wants more but is still following the traditions and ways of her elders. She does act a bit childish longer into the book, but it is to be expected. Captain Leftrin is an interesting character, and as the book moved on I forget if he had done something wrong in the past, and the friendship he seeks from Alise is a refreshing add to the book and adds a bit of hope to the book. Something I do not always expect from Hobb's books because I do know that they tend to get a bit depressing. The main characters is always suffering, and I can't help to be curious about the next book.Her best characters has to be Alise Finbrook, a woman stuck in a loveless marriage she helped create, and with a husband who is not all he seems to be. Her only happiness is her studies, and her biggest goal is to see the dragons. I can't help to feel sorry for her for her silent suffering. And I can honestly say that I have no idea how the next book will turn out. That is Hobb's strength, because she does not give things away, not even little hints where the books are going. Everything is always a surprise.But this is mostly a book about dragons, and one of them Sintara, plays an important part. They are born as broken as the people of the Rain Wilds, and as always you feel with them even if they are arrogant. Hobb manages to walk that fine line, and has created a good new book to her tales of this world. There are interesting characters, fascinating towns, and it is easy to follow the story. It can be gripping, and it does get exciting too. Not all see the dragons as the rulers of the sky when they look like these dragons, and that is a good set up and thoughts as you learn to like the characters.I enjoyed this first book and I am looking forward to the next one.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. I think this is the US cover, I have the UK one, but I prefer this one cos it it very fantasy, while the UK have a blue dragon on it and that is itFinal thoughts: Not as good as the Farseer books (but then I looove those), but a good number 2 with the Fool series. But Hobb always writes good fantasy