Heart of Iron

Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster First, she was not as much a spy as the blurb let me to believe. But then who cares about that. This was Lena steering through the danger of the blood court, most vampires seems to forget about the old thrall contracts. And the Echelon debutantes to not have it easy.Back to the start then. In book 1 Lena flirted with the beast, Will Carver, werwulfen and a dangerous man. In book 2 she is a debutante looking to be a thrall to some powerful vampire. And dodging some. While Will does his best to try and forget her. His kind does not mix with humans, it's too dangerous.Lena does do some spy work, a bit of telling about things she hears, but she is not happy about how some do things. And I feel conflicted. I do want the humans to be free. But at the same time there are good vampires too. So what should happen? I just do not know. This is a world that will go up in flames soon. And what will then happen to Blade and Will, well they will die. Conflicted yes, as some vamps are so evil too.Oh I forgot. Anyway, romance, Passion! Danger! That is what this book will bring you. Steampunk? Eh, not so much. But it was a good book.