A Spy to Die for

A Spy To Die For - Kris DeLake, Kristine Kathryn Rusch That blurb is very misleading, no memory of that happening...Ok girl eat at a shady burger joint, in comes hot guy. Girl is a bit lonely, she is a spy after all without any friends. Girl and boy ends up in bed. Boy is a spy too from another organization. Soon boy and girl are running and falling in love and lust. Now that is what this book is about.Sky is a bad assassin who turned spy. Jack is good at finding things so he turned spy too. Set in a distant future where assassins are for hire and nothing wrong with that. Which makes this into a sci-fi romantic suspense story. If you are not into sci-fi then do not worry, you can take a few ships and sonic showers. If you like sci-fi then good, you will get some romance too thrown in. And of course the suspense part as something fishy is going on and someone is unhappy. Which means run you fools!It was interesting to see them fall cos they fitted each other well but Sky had her issues. A lone wolf. While Jack, oh I do like when I guy falls first.It made me wonder about book 1 too, sounds quite interesting too.A spy novel set in space and a promise of passion.