Bloodfever  - Karen Marie Moning I can't say that a lot happened in this book, well ok things happened, but not in the aspect that we got to know any big secrets. Moning is holding on to those for sure.I liked Mac more in this one, she was starting to hold her own. But then she did go from sunloving beach girl to trying to find her sister's killer. And I do like that she has not let go of it completely either. The love for sun and colors is still there.Barrons then, I actually did not think he was that big an ass this time around. I do not know, he just has his own agenda and goes for that. He does try to protect her, sure the chemistry I can't see, but yes I kind, no, approve of him.The OOP being hunted here is an amulet. And she will also deal with the repercussions from the last book. There are people who are not happy, and the bad guy, yes a very gross bad guy. The Unseelie Fae are also shown a lot and there is this scary vibe over it all. You really feel how Dublin is falling deeper into darkness.What did I think then, I do not trust those Fae seers, they have their goal and no I can'r trust them. V'Lane is his usual death by sex self (a little toned done though) and I sure do not trust him. That leaves Barrons and his secrets that I just want!It is those secrets that make me want more. So it was a good thing that Moning leaves a tiny clue that is really nothing. She makes me want more. And again I feel that this book is not straight up UF, sure there is really no romance around but I will still call it UPR. Because there is really not that much ass-kicking around either. It is an interesting mix all together.It is a Dublin I would not want to visit, but a Dublin that is great to read about. Dark, twisted, scary and no idea of whom to trust.