Grave Witch (Alex Craft Series #1)

Grave Witch (Alex Craft Series #1) - Review to be posted at Alternative read.comI must say that Kalayna Price's first Alex Craft book was entertaining, but it got really good at the end, so much so, I got truly curious and excited about reading the next in the series.Alex is a Grave Witch and can raise shades, not ghosts, but lingering shadows, and because of this she is pulled into something darker. Someone is killing people and now that person is after her too. To her help she has a detective, Falin, who anyone would get at once is the love interest. Sure I like him, he sounds hot and after these two have worked through their issues with each other things might happen. But yes there is someone else too and someone who I sure have my fingers crossed for; Death. When he showed up at the scene I was smitten at once. He did not say much but I am obviously on his team. Since she talks to the dead she sees him around a lot and what is there not to like.This book has a lot of questions in it. Who to trust? What is going on? Who is the bad guy and who exactly is Falin? Not to mention, Death. There is also things happening all the time so no chance to grow bored here.The world is also interesting as the Fae and witches came out a few decades ago and now they all live together. Not peacefully but getting by. We do not learn that much about the Fae but I would like to know more, since they keep to themselves.All in all a good book, that got even better. I do want to read more and keep my hopes up for Death. I just hope Alex sees it, too.A nice debut to a series that hopefully will keep on getting better since she sure seems to know how to twist things around.