Grave Secret (Secret McQueen, #5)

Grave Secret (Secret McQueen, #5) - Sierra Dean The last book ended with such a cliffie...of the passionate kind. I could not wait to see where it lead. Not to mention that Sierra was devastated after Lucas being a total ass and not showing up to their wedding. There was drama to be told and I needed to know.Secret was a bit messed up but was doing better. Des was nowhere to be found (still Team Des!) and Holden, well I will not tell you whatever happened in the beginning. Whether I am Team Holden or not, well, no not really. I just do not feel him. Can't be that team then. But trust me, not team Lucas at least, and that leaves Des. He is just such a good beta and I want to hug him.Away from the teams. This book gives us fairies, murder and a twist that kept me reading and reading. Then I cursed our tiny flat as I could not continue to read, but I did wake up earlier the next day so that I could finish this book.