Keeping Secret: Secret McQueen Series, Book 5

Keeping Secret - Sierra Dean By looking at the cover you sure know something is gonna happen, yes Secret is going to marry Lucas. And I could not wait to sink my teeth into this one.I still like Lucas but he always puts pack first! Time after time. He knows how she feels about Desmond, I mean she loves Des more! Still I like Lucas, but that love is wearing thing while reading this book. And Desmond *cries*. Why can't she just have them all :( Poor beta Des.Like that wasn't enough, I started falling for Holden in this one. He is all..vampire and sexy. Do I need to say more?The wedding is fast approaching and there will be a lot to deal with since not everyone is happy. And trust me, the book ends, with a big bang. A big bang that made me crave the next book like crazy! How on earth is this gonna turn out?*craves book 5*So start reading this series at once. Action, passion, and one girl who can't decide since she is meant for more than one wolf.I need more!