Alpha (Shifters Book 6)

Alpha - Rachel Vincent 1.) Reasons you chose this bookI have read all the previous ones and of course I had to read this last book since I like this series. And I had to know what happens to all of them.2.) Reasons you liked or disliked this bookIt was a good book, some ass-kicking, sexual tension between Faythe, Jace, and Mark, the birds showed up again. Faythe learns about responsibility and there are some major conflicts.What I did not like was that the end felt rather abrupt. Everything was suddenly wrapped up, and for me it did not feel like I got any closure. Especially not about her personal life and that was something I wasn't happy about. And I was not happy about...arghh, I can't tell you, but I was not happy :(3.) Reasons you are recommending this bookI still recommend this series because it is awesome! Just the kind of UF I like. And I am very sad to see it end.