Prey (Werecats, Book 4)

Prey - Rachel Vincent Here politics still run strong, and Malone is being an ass as always. I can't believe so many alphas are blind to his lust for power. He must be taken down and soon!Not a lot of Marc since he is missing, and could be dead. But Jace is there and honestly, I like Jace better than Marc now, so want them to be together instead. Jace is just so Jace. Faythe seems stronger and becomes even more kick-ass, she is maturing, and perhaps she is alpha material after all.The tabby they rescued wont shift and is dying, but she is a good addition to the books and Faythe does get a softer side by being around her.A lot of action going on, strays attacking, the hunt for Mark and discovering a big bad plot going on. When I finished I went straight to book 5 cos I just had to read more.