Pride (Werecats, Book 3)

Pride - Rachel Vincent I did like it better than book 2, which was good too. But here there was just something, the fear about what those idiots would do to her. I did get a bit annoyed by her too, a tiny bit, cos she could just have said that yes I am gonna start having kittens soon and the whole trial could have been over. But that would have killed the plot, but still.Politics truly play into this book. Malone, one alpha is such an ass, he wants the tabbies at home breeding, and no strays like Marc near the prides. I sure got upset by him and I hope he gets what is coming to him.Here there is also some strays trying to build their own pride, and going a bit crazy, and the hunt for a young tabby that has come from nowhere.Tension with Marc too.All in all, a really good book that made me wanna pick up the next.