Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark 11)

Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark 11) - Kresley Cole I liked the book, since it is Kresley Cole after all, I just did not like the actual story in a way. Let me explain:First of all it takes place in a prison where all the immortals taken are being dissected and experimented upon by humans who are idiots. I already disliked this in Stolen by Kelley Armstrong. So not a fan of prison stories.But in the end the thing that was that made me frown a bit was not that. It was the love story. If I was Regin I would just have cut of his balls and fed them to him, or let someone else do just that. We all know they end up together so that is not a spoiler, we all know they live happily ever after so then why does everyone forgive for the moment just cos she loves him? I'd still rip out his intestines and then staple them back together inside of him. Because this is what he watched everyday. He looked upon and approved of torture that was not even torture. Now, it was just too horrible to even think about. There should be a new name for it. Because immortals do not die easily therefore they are alive while people play with their rib cages and pull out everything inside. So you get the picture, the "hero" is a bad bad bad bad man. He is the kind of man who watched a little girl's mother get killed and then throw the child in a prison. And would surely look when they dissect her later too. Which is why I just could not like him as a hero, and thought that an ending where Regin kills him would have been much better. Aww, now that would have been a happy ending. And then Regin could have waited 100 more years for him to be reborn as someone nicer.These immortals forgive too easily. I fear if they are that nice then the bad side would really win.Conclusion:But I still bloody like the book cos it is Kresley Cole. Just in my mind, they smexed and he died. HEA for me. The end.