Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend

Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend - Linda Wisdom My thoughts:Where to start, we have a witch and a demon, some crazy Mayans, and doom on the horizon. Ok back to the beginning. The book is about Maggie who is a witch and works for the Hellion Guards. They keep the supernaturals in check and sees to that no humans know that elves, gnomes, trolls, warlocks, or anything like that exists. She is kick-ass, 700 years old, and can take care of herself. She has attitude and I liked her. Not to mention that she has one awesome side-kick, a tattoo named Ella that can talk and walk around (talking about a spider here.) Ella brought humour to the book.Then there is Declan whom she meets while investigating a case at his club. He is a firedemon, hot (yes literally), but he is also nice, and I fell at once. Gotta love a demon that is in touch with his human side. These two want each other at once, but since demons and other beings do not mix it's slow, and it builds up.It's a nice world, where you can find a bunch of different supernaturals, and humans do not know about them. And in this one something dark is coming, Mayans wants blood sacrifices to bring forth some evil God called the Destroyer. Oh I like a good evil god now and again.The side characters are fun, mostly Ella, cos she rocks, but the elf Sybil is nice and has a sense of humour, and then there is the teenager Maggie has to protect, and she was one cool kid. Here and there people are mentioned, I did not mind but I did realize that they are from this other series she has written. For me it worked even though I didn't know them.Conclusion:I ended up liking this book, I think it was all cos of Declan, he was just so hot and sweet. And like the title says, demons are a girl's best friend. The book has passion, ass-kicking, humour, and a good plot.Rating:I enjoyed it