Haunted Honeymoon

Haunted Honeymoon - Marta Acosta This is the end and I am sad, but at the same time I am very happy because it was truly the end I wanted.Milagros is now with Ian but things are still not great. She can't seem to find her place, and she still thinks about Oswald. Oh yes Oswald, the hot but for me boring wasp vampire. So not for our curvy and lively Milagros. But they will meet again as she gets amnesia and there is a chance to start all over again. What happens? Oh I am not telling you that, but she will get one of these men.This book is about a fun trip to London, a crazy scientist, trouble with Ian, murder charges and a happy ever after.But let's get back to the men since they are so interesting. Ian, oh that goddamn Ian Ducharme. I said last time that he is like chocolate and that is so true. You look at it on the shelf and crave it, then you get it and eat too much. But if you try to stay away you just long for it again. So what does this tell you? Well you just have to learn that chocolate is awesome, just do not eat too much, and do not try to stay away from it. And that is Ian, lol, Milagros just have to come to terms with her Ian-addiction. Because in the end a bit of chocolate is actually good for you. But will Milagros stay with her chocolate or go back to healthier food that taste funny? Find out! The book throws a few surpries and I liked it.What we have is a fun book and even though I am sad that it is the end it was fun while it lasted. It is a series that I totally would recommend to others.