The Bride of Casa Dracula

The Bride of Casa Dracula - Marta Acosta First I have to post what Acosta herself called her books: comedies-of-manners, or romantic comedies with lots of chaos, confusion, charming villains, eccentrics, and flirting. Which really fits since this is not the normal kind of paranormal romance. Far from it. I just want to called it a witty romantic comedy involving humans who like blood and as Acosta said lots of flirting. Read her books! Lol, honestly they are so funny. I just love Milagros, she is witty, she has curves, she flirts, she has opinions and I think I really would enjoy having her as a friend.Her men, oh I do like Oswald but, yes there is that but, he is just so nice and normal. Can he truly keep up with this crazy Latina when he is just so waspy. But she does love him and is marrying him and he does do a great job keeping up with her. But then there is goddamn Ian Ducharme as Oswald calls him. He is like fine wine, ok forget since I hate wine. He is like a yummy chocolate that melts in your mouth and makes you crave more and more. He makes you blood pump in your veins and he is just delicious. And he wants her *faints*.Right the story, well as I said they are getting married and making preparations. She has to deal with the council who does not approve of her since she is the only human who was turned (a little mistake) and lived. And someone is after her. She is also ghost-writing for a freaky guy. All as is should be in Milagros universe. All in all a highly enjoyable book.Conclusion:Just read it, come one you know you want to! Start with book 1, you will not be sorry. You will smile, laugh and hopefully think Ian is as delicious as I find him. The book is witty and so just impossible to put down. I do wonder what happens in book 4, I mean..ohhhhhhhhh.Rating:I do think I made it clear. Read it :) I could not put it down.