Mine to Possess (Psy-Changeling Series #4)

Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh Go figure when this book turned out to be my fav so far. But like I realised it has to do with this was a changeling-human pairing, and less Psy drama.Clay was all male, and he was a cat to watch. I liked him, and even with that darkness inside, all he wanted was to protect, so much that he ended up killing someone. What can I say about that, he saved a little girl, but he did go all primal doing that. But the love he felt for Talin all his life, that was something.Then there was poor broken Talin, she is really screwed up cos of what happened when she was little, and she is afraid of Clay at one level. But she learns to trust him again, but she has this enormous walls built in. This is not an easy pairing cos of their pasts.I liked how Clay slowly got through her walls and showed her what she was worth. He might just be my fav cat so far. Talin, well like I said, she was broken, but like Clay all she wanted was to protect. In her case, the kids she looks after. And that is what this book is about, kids gone missing, and she asking Clay for help. Insert Psy drama, but it was less, and different in a way, so I didn't mind.I do enjoy Singh's world, a world where humans, changelings and Psy live side by side. The changelings are all heart and fierce protection. The Psy creep me out, and humans are humans. In this book there was some rat changelings too, and I do wonder if there are all sorts of changelings around, I guess so .Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I do like the UK covers better, BUT, I hate that they are all the same, so in that aspect the US ones are better. But meh.Reason for reading: Borrowed from a friendFinal thoughts: Best so far.