Tranquility's Blaze

Tranquility's Blaze - Krista D. Ball

I can't say that I loved any of the characters, but you know, it does not matter. Which is weird cos here I thought I need to cheer someone on...but, yes there is a but. I really hated the baddie, I guess that is why the characters worked for me ;) I put all energy on Sarissa. She was one evil B! An awesome evil character to hate.


Ok so we got Bethany who is all FIGHT! And can kick anyone's ass. She is also the daughter of a Goddess and has her own prophecy....I do wonder how that will turn out. I shall not mention something but how I wonder.


Right, then there is her evil twin sister Sarissa. Evil, so very evil, you would not even believe how evil this woman is! It was great, cos a good fantasy book should have someone evil that you want to see fall into hell.


There is fighting, wanting someone, and hints of the prophecy and of course Sarissa being evil. I wanted to know more about their mother and I also wanted to know more about a people called Rygents. A fascinating world.


The end, oh the end, do not leave me like that.