For the Love of Mollie

For the Love of Mollie - K.T. Grant I like this one because of the story. Mollie is not some skinny little thing, but a real woman with curves and a few pounds too many. But Conner sees her and thinks she is gorgeous, cos like he says a few times. He is not into stick figures with fake boobs. He wants and needs real curves. He is in lust, but she is insecure cos of her weight, oh and not to mention that Conner is sex on a stick.Mollie is sweet, sure she is insecure, but who could blame her, and then who wouldn't be confused when Mr Handsome is all over you. It's up to him to show her that she is one gorgeous woman. And I love him, aww, he loves her just like she is, now that made me melt, what a man. He is her total opposite, a gym owner, fit and sexy, and the first time he sees her she is in baggy old sweats but he doesn't care.It was a short story but there was time for these two to meet, fall into bed, fall into bed some more, and deal with a bit of drama. Those happy endings are not always that easy and she has some issues to deal with, not to mention that she used to be in love with this other guy.I liked that she wrote about a real woman who had low self esteem, and didn't think she was all that. It was truthful and the more fun when those wild sexy scenes came around. Some very passion filled scenes, that is not to be missed.