Sins of the Son (Grigori Legacy)

Sins of the Son - Linda Poitevin Those who read book 1 know how it ended, and for those who did not, well you really need to read book 1 since a lot happened.The romance does not seem to go anywhere, with Aramael not coming back to her or….But Aramael in this one is changed, no powers and no connection to Alex. He also means to kill Seth. So not cool. So he is losing points in my book.Alex then, she is trying to be strong after what happened. I do like her and her I am taking shit attitude. Which brings us to Seth who is on earth and she goes to find him. And I do liked Seth in book 1, a lot, so it was great to see him again and, well I can’t say, but he has issues….and I really like him ;)Just like book this book just gets better and better and the last part of this book has me on the edge of my seat. I came to a point where I could no longer put it down and I read and read. The ending is a rollercoaster of emotions. The end, well it is not a I am on a cliff and falling cliffie. It is more a all is well…for now *in comes music of doom* and I go omg. Nooo! Still not a hanging on a cliff cliffie, cos all ends well.There is action, trying to save Seth, trying to survive angelic assassinations and the war between Heaven and Hell is coming closer. And who do like? Demons are evil, that is a given, but then angels have this you got free will attitude and they do not give a damn. I do not like the angels either. And how the humans are gonna come through this alive I do not know.Those last 100 pages, so good! Poitevin is truly evil though. And now I can’t wait for book 3.