What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2)

What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2) - Ever since I saw this one around blogland, I wanted it, then I saw the trailer and wanted it more. Then I visited one of the biggest cities in the country and yes of course I fell to temptation and bought it. And I am glad I did.This was a funny book, I could giggle and smile. It was such a cute and sweet book. I really liked Olivia, sure she was silly, listening to her even more silly friends. Which leads to her spying on her neighbor, and she thinks she is getting away with it but he has been aware for days. This then leads to more funny things, like when she first meet in real life. What can I say, they do not like each other at first. But they are falling, and I love when she realize the has fallen for him.As for Harry, aww I love him too, he is rather nerdy, he likes sitting at home translating and gets really caught up in his work. He has not been as lucky with the ladies as his cousin (the hero in the 3rd book). But you just have to like him. He then is being told to spy on her since there is a certain prince, and well this prince could be a threat in these dangerous times. Napoleon, war, what more to say.As for the prince, ugh, not liking him. Sebastian Grey then, well, dunno, I did like her brother, and I did like hearing about her friend Miranda. Who I later learned was the heroine of book 1.Why did I like this book then, well the chemistry between Harry and Olivia. Her being silly, him falling for her. The funny things that happened, the general sweetness of the story. Oh and this one scene with Sebastian and the book. Loved it.But there was one negative thing about the book, the first 300 pages were great! Then came some sex that threw me off. Not that it was anything weird about it, I had just not expected it cos the book felt rather sweet and I thought ok no sex in this historical for once. It was just rather not sexy. And it is not cos I am such a conservative reader when it comes to historical books. It was just--unexpected.Then the story took another turn, and it could have ended before. I guess that I just didn't think the last part of the book was up to standard with the first part.But then the last couple of pages saved it again and I smiled. And loved it. This is the best book so far this year, and I am fairly sure it will be on my best of 2010 when December comes.A final note, can be read without reading book 1, cos we all knwo in the end who is gonna end up with whom when we open a book.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. Rather refreshing not to have the guy without a shirt and the woman falling over him (of course I love those ;)Reason for reading: My own bookFinal thoughts: Read it!