Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre - Amanda Grange Let's face it, I will never looked at pride and prejudice the same way again. Imagine how glad I was when my friend looked at this and wanted it and I needed top buy her a present. Long story short, read it before her that night cos could not really take it up north with me. Now I just have to read the zombie one and Austen will be forever weird to me, lol.The title sadly says it all, yes Mr Darcy is a vampire. But it's good to know it, and it could have been written differently. First I can giggle at things because I know things Lizzy does not know, and that makes this book funny. If we would not have know the funny part would not have been it. But still not knowing would have been fun too.To the book then, it takes up a bit before the book ends. Lizzy is waking up, the wedding takes place and soon they are off to the lake district, or wait, no Darcy decides that they should head over to France. Soon she has a strange feeling about Darcy, he is distant and she is afraid he regrets marrying her. It will be an eventful wedding trip.The reader gets bits and pieces here and there and even if the title had not been that it would have been easy to guess after a while. I like the clues because they made me giggle, and at the same time I feel sorry of Lizzy because she thinks he does not love he, and the reader does not learn why he acting so strange (well easy to guess but still why?).Not much romance since he is distancing him from her, but it's still there, and I am aching for them. Lizzy and Darcy belong together but how can they be together? The book had me reading fast to find that out and to see if i could get some vampire action.This was a sweet and easy read, the paranormal made me smile cos I knew, but it gets a bit different later on, I tiny bit more thrilling we can say. But the end left me wanting, great end yes, but it felt rushed and not right. But that could just be me.It's a clever way to tell the story what happened next. Because many sure wanted to know, and who knows, perhaps he really was a vampire, lol, I do feel like watching the miniseries again and taking a closer look at him. I will always imagine him hiding his vampire self now.