When You Give a Duke a Diamond (Jewels of the Ton)

When You Give a Duke a Diamond - Shana Galen Sometimes I think too much when reading historical romance (while still really enjoying the book of course). And yes of course I thought about things here. A duke and a courtesan? Oh no! The ton would be horrified, their future children would suffer from it. And sure there was that point when I was all and she is a courtesan cos? But this is historical romance, this is meant to make you smile and feel happy and that is does do just that.William is, oh how to describe him, he has a stick up his ass. He is everything a Duke should be and he lives his life according to rules that he has set before himself. And goals, one of those is to find a nice lady and breed a kid of two. But he is lovable, because you know he has some issues, and even in his dumb moments he is nice..underneath. Even if I wanted to smack him over the head once or twice. Courtesans are people too!Juliette on the other hand lives life to the fullest, the nicest dresses, the best parties, the best the town has to offer when it all comes down to it. She is free and she loves it. And I liked her, she was so free and happy, most of the time.As you can see these two are totally wrong for each other. Personality wise and station in life. But like a moth to a flame he is drawn to her and she is drawn to him and it can only end in disaster. Poor Juliette :/There is also danger and adventure. I shall not tell you about what but something is going on.....Conclusion:A good historical romance with a very unlikely couple. And those are the best to watch fall in love.