Deliver Me from Darkness: A Novel of the Paladin Warriors

Deliver Me from Darkness: A Novel of the Paladin Warriors - Tes Hilaire I read this book in no time too, the pages just kind of flew by. There was passion, there was drama and there was this ease over it all which I appreciated. Roland then, he is your good guy, who is sadly bad, but does not want to be. While Karissa is your good girl, running from the baddies. And one of Roland's old buddies brings her around to keep her safe. Which she does not like, considering Roland is bad and all. They are meant to be and nothing can stop that. I needed a bit of fated love where the man goes all mine! Where they are totally wrong but that pull of true love gets them together. Where things might be rushed, but hey, it's love. And here I liked it.There was something light over the language here which worked well in this rather dark world. The Paladins, the good guys, do not seem that good when all comes down to it. And the bad guys, well they are evil. There were side-characters too around and I hope Logan finds love, I would like to see more of a certain vamp girl, and a certain paladin grew on me. I'd read more of this light yet so dark paranormal romance.It's a promising start to a new series. True love, evil vampires out to get you and secrets will keep you entertained.