Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson Series #4)

Bone Crossed  - Patricia Briggs Plot:Marsilia wants her dead, Stefan is hurt, and Mercy is sent away to investigate a ghost sighting, but only gets more into trouble,My thoughts:Mercy is still very lost and hurt, but she has Adam to support her, and in the middle of all this she had chosen him. Though that will to run is still strong. But she does see that he is a great guy and that the pack wants to care for her too, well some of them.Mercy gets back some of her kick-assness in this book, but she has some way to go still.I am totally crushing on Stefan after this book, I was all Adam who? after it. Yes Adam is all nice and alpha, but Stefan is, dark. And poor Samuel seems to broken, that poor wolf needs someone to heal his soul.Good story, ghosts, vamps, and power struggles, and Stefan in the middle of it all.Final thoughts and recommendation.Still a Urban fantasy series that I love so much so recommending it to everyone.Cover:Well none of the covers really show the real Mercy, but still they are pretty.Reason for reading:I love this series