The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles Series #1)

The Name of the Wind  - Patrick Rothfuss I might be the only one since everyone keep raving about this book, but honestly I was bored, and I do not give books the chance I gave this one. I kind of felt obligated cos I told the library to buy it. So I read all 662 pages, and was not too happy about it.I am only giving it 3 stars because yes he did write good, and told a nice story. A great author who actually can write. If it wasn't for that fact I would grade it lower.Now what was wrong? 662 pages! But I have read longer books that I loved. I think it was the setting. It is just not my kind of fantasy. I want the epic, the big wars, the quest. This book was more about the man, and I could have cared less. I have read another book like this and with that one I could not bring myself to finish book 2. With this book, well perhaps I can force myself just I am gonna force myself with that other book.The story did not start good for me, Kvothe's childhood, and it did nothing for me. It did get a bit better when he began university and started learning things and some magic. But something was lacking for me, and I would just read Harry Potter. Truth to be told, I have trouble remembering how it ended.I also think Kvothe was somewhat of a Mary Sue. He is like the smartest person around and learn things in a day that takes years for others. He is a natural at everything, and I am sure in the next book when he learns how to fight he will learn it in an hour. People hate him with a passion or like him.But I do admit that Rothfuss has a way with words, he can write better than many authors out there. Others will surely love the story and find it intriguing. But it was not the fantasy for me, I go for other things.But do not listen to me, take a look for yourself. There are different sorts of fantasy and I just go for the high, and epic fantasy.Now for a new thing as I adore coversWhat I think of the cover: Another version had a real ugly one, and this one, well too dark and brooding. Looks like some kind of murder mystery book from the Middle Ages where a monk solves crime.