Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson Series #7)

Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs I do not think it was as good as the rest of the series, but it sure was better than River Marked. But then I was really disappointed in River marked.Anyway, the book starts with a bang as all the wolves are missing. Why and who is behind it? Therefore I do think the book lacked a bit of Adam even if we got his POV too. But I wanted more Mercy and Adam time.We did get Stefan and Ben, and I really like Ben more and more. Not much of Sam but then he has moved on and then I am just not interested anymore ;)As many times before I do not know what to say. Action, tense moments and conspiracies. All good things, but after having read Fair Game and compared they were just not the same. Fair Game was better. Hopefully it will get better again by the next book. Something is just missing.But, it was a good book :)