A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark)

A Hunger Like No Other  - Kresley Cole My thoughts:I actually started with book 10 or so, fell deeply in love and knew that this was the paranormal romance series for me. So I read book 1, which is a novella (you can get it for free on her website), and then this book. And what I felt then I felt again, she is so good! At first I was a bit taken aback. Lachlain was crazy, too demanding, a brute, a barbarian, I called him so many names. And with any other book I would have frowned, but somehow Cole made me fall for that dog (as some of Emma's family happily calls the Lycae). I have no idea how she manages it, but he just creeps under your skin and stays there.Poor Lachlain, tortured, dying, and brought back to life for 150 years. No wonder he was a bit crazed. He was all alpha, so very alpha. He was also later very protective and sometimes the whole mine thing just makes a girl weak in the knees. Then we have Emma, she is no kickass female, she is actually weak and timid. But all women do not need to be kickass. She just does not want conflicts, but little by little this little weakling gains more strength. They are suited for each other.This is what I want paranormal romance to be like. I am smitten and I like it. The book has plenty of passion, and two people that are so unlikely to fall in love, they are enemies, but they are destined to be together and the road there is not easy.The whole universe is interesting with many different "creatures" running around, making alliances and waging war against each other.Conclusion:Would I recommend this book, yes! Will I read more, I sure will :DRatingMade me love Paranormal romance again