Sins of the Angels

Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) - Linda Poitevin It was good! Yes you know it's good when I start a review like that. It just built up and got better and better, until I could not put it down even though I was at work. I even dreamed about it during the night. She sure knows how to build up the tension until you just can't let go.Alex is a cop and she is tough, but she also hiding a lot. Something dark from her past that still haunts her, and knowledge that she is fragile. I liked her. When her new partner was an ass she told him so, she did not take crap from anyone. And I liked my heroines tough, but still human, and vulnerable too at times. Aramael is on earth to catch a fallen angel and damn, I never really liked angels but after this one, yes please give me a guy with wings. Sure much of the time he is arrogant (he is an angel after all), but I can take it and when he starts to feel real emotions, let's just say he is a hottie and I hoped these two would get it on. Now did they? Oh I will not tell you that. But what makes it intense is that of course angels do not feel things like that, it is very wrong indeed.The world was interesting. It was a pretty normal world, except for one thing, angels are real and God is a woman (even if no one knows it is the truth). Some angels hunt down fallen ones that commit crimes, but mostly it is a standoff. God also holds a grudge, those poor descendants after unions between angels and humans still suffer today. They do not get guardians and there is something else too. But even with all this, I liked the angels, and I must confess that I am very curious about the fallen ones to see what they are up too. Even if they are evil and so on.But most of this book is the hunt for the killer, and he is always one step ahead, it was nail biting. Intense and just great. A true page-turner.Conclusion.A great start to a new series, and it is a book that I recommend. It worked perfectly. I can't wait for book 2 to come out because even if there is no cliffhanger, there still is a cliffie. Those just as evil ones because you just want more.Rating;Kept me on the edge of my seat