The Legend of Michael (Zodius)

The Legend of Michael - Lisa Renee Jones My thoughts:Not an easy book to find a genre for. The world is the same, present day, but there is one thing that is different and that is that aliens did crash and the US government hid the fact. Then later they injected soldiers who become something more. Strength, the ability to travel with the wind and other things is what they gained. But the soldiers split into two groups, the bad and the good. So there is sci-fi paranormal, romance and suspense.There was a lot of suspense in this one, and the whole book felt like a starter to something more. Things gets explained, why they are fighting, what lifebounds are (the men and their women connect in a special way), and how the Renegades (the good guys) build something new. We also meet Michael, the dark one. I am never sure what to think about him, but I am sure drawn to him. Cassandra is the daughter to the man who was there to start this whole mess of these extraordinary soldiers, and I do grow to like her.I have heard some complaints about that the romance was short and so, but I did not mind. Things moved forward and then when these two were together it was passionate. The men are out of this world. It was a fastpaced moving book.Conclusion:A book for those who like suspense in their books. There is danger, plots, conspiracies and interesting men. When the book ended I did feel that this series might have something to offer. A battle is coming.Rating:I do like suspense and romance mixed with sci-fi like aspects