Demon From the Dark (Immortals After Dark 10)

Demon From the Dark - Kresley Cole Where have you been all my life Kresley Cole? This book rocked. I usually find PNR ok, not as good as UF. It's all the romance and not enough action, well here, I loved it. Hihi.Immortals are being kidnapped and kept in a prison, some experimented on, and tortured. Carrow Graie, a witch, gets an ultimatum, capture Malkom, bring him there and regain her freedom. Malkom lives in Oblivion, where vampires have destroyed their demon kingdom. He hates them, and he can't live with demons either since he is an abomination.This one, what a savage brute Malkom was, and I just melted, even when he rather annoyingly begged for a good time. It was impossible not care for his tortured soul, but then I am a sucker for heroes like that. The wounded, broken ones that do not believe anyone could ever love them. And here someone falls for him, because deep in he is such a good soul, and just wants to protect here.My heat even stopped at one time, I knew the truth, but since he did not, it was hard to read. He is not a man to betray.Carrow, I guess she was ok, I honestly didn't pay much attention to her, lol, just kidding. She was the right woman for him. And it sure takes a real brave woman to handle him too.This book had a great history with all the different beings walking around in our world and in other dimensions. It had action and drama, considering that wicked men wants to capture and erase immortals from the face of the earth. It has them fleeing from other demons and strange creatures, and it has the love, passion, some things that made me giggle. I can't believe I found this book first now, at book 10. Also it was easy to just jump in with out knowing anything.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: DunnoFinal thoughts: I even think this book was the best paranormal romance I have ever read.4