Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson Series #1)

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs - Molly Harper Funny paranormal romance, yes please. I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw the first cute and funny cover, and then I heard some great things about the book.The vampires have come out in this book, and they are sort of welcomed. Sure some people accidentally stake vampires, or set them on fire. But at least they can be themselves.Jane is a nice girl who gets fired from the library she is working out, and she has a bit too much to drink. Then she gets shot. Luckily she impressed someone at the bar who makes her into a vampire, and our story can start. What to tell the parents? Her best friend, and is blood icky? She does get a giftbasket from the vampire committee in the area, but can a lost little vampire find everything there? And what to do when you get framed for murder?Ok, first thing, mistaken for a deer and shot. I just have to love that, who could I not, it does show that she can get into situations. Like when people start thinking she is putting other vampires on fire. But that is the humour in this book, she may have been thought as plain and boring, but oh that girl can get into trouble.Then there is the sexy guy who made her into a vampire, hunky Gabriel, him I like, just as I like her. How could I not like her, and she loves book. She named her dog after Mr Darcy, my kind of girl. So of course I had to love her, and mysterious Gabriel. Her best fiend is fun too, nerdy Zeb. I shall not mention what happened, but the scene where he finds out she is a vamp, oh my, there I laughed.She has got some issues with her perfect sister and mother, and grandmother too. But at least her dad is ok, not to mention the ghost she finds in the house when she becomes a vampire. I love crazy old women.This is a funny book, some laughs promised. It has romance, (and angry sex). I also learn that there are more creatures out there, and I can't wait to see what else she brings in.There is something for many in this book, and I do think that funny paranormal romance is a subgenre I would like to explore more.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. I wanted to read the book cos of the cover, that should sum it up.Reason for Reading: My own copy.Final thoughts: Funny and cute.