Season for Scandal

Season for Scandal - Theresa Romain This romance was different. I can't say all the ways it was different because that would be to spoil things, but yes it was different.First we have Jane who marries Edmund after a certain thing she was involved in. They are not in love, he does try to treat her well. But yes the whole marriage is kind of blah. I wished for love but after a while I knew the truth. If these two want a happy loving marriage they will have to work for it. And so they did.Jane was strong, again I can't say the situation I am thinking of. She also wanted a bit too much. But she was cool. Edmund was kind and was the guy who danced with spinsters at the balls. But he has a secret and it could tear everything apart. And then there is danger hidden in the darkness.So do not expect a whirlwind romance at once. No, expect two people, one wanting more, the other one all self-sacrifice. Two people who eventually will find love and happiness.