A Bargain Struck

A Bargain Struck - Liz Harris This is not your typical sort of romance, neither is it historical fiction. No, it's...romantic historical fiction ;) And this one in a western setting.Did the romance come quick? No. Did it come easy? No. This couple struggled and my heart wept for her. Ellen was a strong woman who had been through a lot and she acts like a little grey mouse, not voicing her opinion. I shall not say what happened, but she has a secret and it's something others have a hard time handling.Life on the frontier was not exactly easy either. It's a tough life. Connor was a good man. Again, I can't say much, but yes he comes around.Life on the farm, getting to know a new husband, having a step-daughter who hates her and more creates a good book that was hard to put down. I just wanted to know one thing...will there be love? So I could not stop reading.A good book with a story that moved me.