Outlaw Knight

The Outlaw Knight - Elizabeth Chadwick This is book 2 in the FitzWaren novels, but you do not need to have read book 1 to follow along. This is the story about Fulke FitzWarin who like his father wants his land and castle back.Another book where King John is a total ass, honestly this guy deserves a kick in the behind. Fulke and prince John gets in a fight at 15 and hates each other for the rest of their lives. As all this happened a long time ago, and legends grow, we can't know it all. But yes I can see it happening like this. Later on Fulke becomes an outlaw when the now King John is a total asshat.Fulke is, well a man of his time. He can be so stubborn at times, a right idiot. But he loves his family. He sure wants Whittington back and he is a man of honor. And I liked how he went up against King John, now that is how a legend is made.It was a hard time, but a great time to read about. You know it's good when I have to go google different people I read about,┬┤even though I have googled them before.An interesting story, but I must admit I wish the could have ended it a bit before the end. I did not need to know that which I shall not say. Then again, I had already read Chadwick's own words so I knew what would happen. But I like the illusion of everyone staying young and happy.