Sometimes a Rogue

Sometimes a Rogue (Lost Lords (Kensington)) - Mary Jo Putney Yes it's a series, no you do not have to read it in order. I did not even realize that I had read book 2 in this series before. I just jumped in and it was all good.Sarah gets kidnapped and taken to Ireland. She is brave, calm and I liked her. I have not read her sister's book but I do not mind if she is not as sunny. Rob is the more damaged one with a chip on his shoulder, but he is great and kind.The book was more or less two stories. Wild chases through Ireland and danger at every turn. And then the second part which I really can't say much about because it will spoil things. But the second part is calmer, there is romance there, old friends and things fall into place. Yes they did fall into place a bit too easily and the end was wrapped up a bit too fast.But the book was good, it was kind of different. More talking, more thinking. No ton.