The Crimson Shield (Gallow)

The Crimson Shield - Nathan Hawke Think Vikings, then again you only need to see the cover to think that. And they are a way. This is a fantasy world after all.A world where the Forkbeards from the North hold a country across the seas. The Marroc (guess they are England then) who lives there are not happy. But that is not the end, oh no, there is a third army trying to conquer the Marroc and the Lhosir (the vikings) tries to hold them back. Yes you can guess that there is a lot of fighting. Who to root for? The Lhosir plunder, The Vathan too (oh and I guess they are Hun/Mongols). The Marroc are beaten down and have given up. And the main character, oh Gallow. He is a Lhosir who settled and married a local woman. He hard, a true fighter.I am more of a epic fantasy reader, you know, adventure, quest (I blame the early books I read). While this one felt, almost historical at times. And I do love historical novels. I feel he should write a fiction book about real vikings too cos he has the words for it.The ending, oh, yes I had to read the blurb for book 2 cos I was SO curious. It was a cliffhanger.What to say then, yes at times it was a bit too action filled for me.