Cleopatra's Moon

Cleopatra's Moon (Audio) - Vicky  Alvear Shecter, Kirsten Potter Look at that. I finished it!! It only took me a year, but then audio and I are very meh. I just do not have the time, but now I have found the time and it works great..well only for those times. Everything else it still no.Right, how to review it then..I honestly do not know. I do not get the same feeling from listening that I get from reading. I do not get feelings. So I can't say much. It was interesting listening to. I have read a book about Selene before and I did not know her story before that one. But it was still interesting listening to another version of what could have happened.The audio, the narrator was good but I got annoyed when she did Isis' voice. It felt lame. But for the most part it was a pleasant voice to listen to.And I am wondering what I would have felt reading the book. I doubt I would have felt it was better. But would I have thought it was worse? For a YA book it deal with more mature subjects. Attempted rape, seduction...but then again it was another time and it was Rome.Inter sting story.