Crush on You (Three Kisses Trilogy #1)

Crush on You - Christie Ridgway I wanna make this short, I am so tired today for some reason.Right, so I read book 2 first I think, then book 3 and at last book 1. Don't say anything ;)I wanted to read about Alessandra since day 1. The Nun of Napa. She was sweet and kind. In a way there was not anything special about her. Except for that her husband to be died 15 min before their wedding and the whole town has tip toed around her ever since. Mourning is one thing, but being the living memory of him and no men looking at her is another thing. As I got to know her, I felt sorry for her.Penn is a bit full of him at first, I wanted to smack him over the head (yes I do love to do that ;). Quite a few times actually. Truth be told, I never truly warmed up to him. I did not feel all gaga over him.I did rush the end a bit as it took a 3 days to finish the book (just not enough time). I did not like it as much as the other books. And I think that if I had read this one first I would not have gone for the rest. Still it was good, just not special.I liked it, but it could have been better