Beneath an Irish Sky

Beneath an Irish Sky - Isabella Connor I do confess to wanting to smack Luke over the head a lot, but then again if I had been Luke I would have been just as angry.The book is filled with drama and anger. Luke is a young traveller, and people do not like travellers. He is an angry young man. Abused by his uncles, his mum just died and all his life he hated the man who left his mother.Jack Stewart is also angry. His wife left him without a word 20 years ago and now she finds out he has a son. But he is good and tries his best. But Luke was just so very angry and hates him. You can see where the drama comes from. Confrontation after confrontation. Luke has been fed lies all his life. I felt so sorry for Jack, because in the end he lost it too and just wanted away. I could not have dealt with Luke and his refusal to believe anything else than what he knew. Then there are secrets. Why did she leave? What happened? Quite a few shocking events.I liked the book as I wanted everyone to just get along. But 20 years of hate is hard to let go of. And I so wanted to know why she had left.An interesting story filled with drama and romance.