Surrender to Sultry

Surrender to Sultry - Macy Beckett First I must mention that the book was good, but there was something that made me really really mad. Leah had done something unforgivable. Of course there is a HEA, but I would not have forgiven her. Some things are not to be forgiven. Even if she thought it was for the better good. When I have that off my chest I can get on with the review.Colt was around in the two previous books, but he is changed now. And in comes the lost love of his life. Yup he hurt her cos he was young and an ass. But he still loved her, he should have gotten a punch in the face and shaped up. Leah is mad at him still, and he wants her back. So the whole book is a dance between these two. He tries to win her affection and she starts to fall for him again.I love small town romances. I love meeting old friends and watching these fight their way back together again. What I did not like was the THING. I hated that. It made me so mad.It was a cute book filled with passion and drama.Oh and if you wanna know why I am mad?SPOILER ALERT.....................................She left town at 17, had a kid and gave him up for adoption without telling Colt.