King's Dragon (Crown of Stars, Book 1)

King's Dragon  - Kate Elliott written a month ago). I do not even know where to begin. I was so booored, but read on, skimmed, and read on. I came to the conclusion that "swears some" I will read this book. I got it, I will read it, not put it back on that darn TBR pile. So I read it, half way through I read reviews for book 7 so I could see what would happen.It was the characters, I should have felt for Liath's plight. But I just did not. She felt whiny. I should have liked Alain but he was a wooden figure. The Eika prince seemed interesting, but Sagalant, the half elf prince whatever lost me when he lusted after Liath the second he met her. Instalove and then I was all what?The world, yes the world was the one thing that had me bored. Sure it's fun when worlds resemble our but here it was just too much. The weird Eika, eh can you say the vikings are coming? The church, the lady and her son. The convents, priest, I do not need that much Catholicism in my fantasy. I want it to differ a bit. You are creating a world, play with it. But here it was just I shall make women strong too, a woman can claim a child came from her womb but a man can't. So let's make women bishops and shit. Yes again, I did not care. It was Christianity. The countries, the name. Too familiar. Yes I give you, there were some elves in another dimension, but hey people thought there were beings in the old days. So nothing new.Yes this book failed on every level for me. Everything felt forced.