Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect - Sierra Dean Baseball, it's not that I do not like the game (actually I take that back I don't). It's a game that we do not have here, no one watches it, so I am always lost. But it did not matter that I do not understand one inning of the sport. This book sailed me through it. Also, it would make the best baseball movie, I would totally watch it and hope for someone hot to play Tucker. But that is not what I meant to talk about.This book is about baseball, well that is the background. The true story is the budding romance between Emmy and Tucker. As they work together it should not happen but the chemistry is just so right. I also like that the author made them work for it. There was friendship first, and they hid those other feelings.Emmy is nice hardworking woman. I can't say anything bad about her, and Tucker is is the same. Together they just seem perfect. I rooted for them. I also wanted him to get his career back. Look at me, going all wohoo Baseball.Conclusion:It was a fun and cute contemporary romance book with lots of passion too of course. It also made me want to read more in this series, and I have my eye on someone. Oh and I still want that movie too ;)