Forsaken By the Others

Forsaken by the Others - Jess Haines There we have it again, Jess Haines is eeeeeeeevil! Evil I say! Darkness! Here I was reading and running through the fields with flowers in my hair when BAM! A truly evil cliffhanger that made me sit up and say no! And also it made me use way too many exclamation points in this paragraph.What more can I say after that evil ending. I can't think now. I need the next book, I crave it. I mean an ending like that, oh man...I am being a horrible tease now. But she is very good at these kind of endings, you want more at once.Ok the book (before the ending) was about a quick look at Shiarra and Royce. Kissing ;) Aww Royce, still way too little Royce. Cos Shiarra and Sarah goes to LA. Meets the vampire master of LA. Meets a werewolf and most important of all, zombies! Zombies are running amok and it's up to Shiarra to figure out why.Zombies, danger and Shiarra dealing with the after effects of book 4 and there are quite a few. I do wonder what will happen with her strange blood.So here I am, waiting for the next book. I can't even imagine where the events in this one will take her.