The Firebird - Susanna Kearsley I liked the fact that this book was connected to the other two Kearsley books I have read. The winter sea introduced us to two figures in the past and now we see their daughters journey. But like her other books she also have people looking into the past. Those two are Nicola and Rob, and Rob we met in The Shadowy Horses, where he was a kid with the sight. Two books connected in this third one.Like I said, it's about Nicola and Rob. She can touch objects and see their past but she is no where as good at it as Rob. They know each other from before and meet again when she needs to track down the origin of a statue. There is some hidden attraction there too. But Nicola is not as open with her powers as he is. Theirs is the journey from place to place, tracking down a woman named Anna who lived 300 years ago.And here is the good part, I got totally hooked on Anna's story. It was so good, and sad and I just had to know! They track her from her origin and onward and I can't tell you much without telling it all. But that was a good story. I wanted the whole story as just one story, it was that interesting.A book that got me hooked