Magic of "I Do"

The Magic of "I Do" - Tammy Falkner This book takes place after book 1 ended, but you do not have to read book 1 to be able to follow it. Instead you get to know one angry fairy who is "kidnapped" by a rogue, the brother of the man her sister married.Yes so Claire is a fairy from fairyland. Her sister married a duke and got a HEA. While Claire is sent with Phineas to be out of the way. And that can mean only one thing, romance. Claire tries to stay by her fairy rules, but attraction is something you can avoid for a while, but not forever. While Phineas, oh he is a rogue. I mean one thing that happened had me looking up and saying wow almost. Cos well that is not something I would have thought would take place. What you wonder? Ha, like I would spill the beans. Just trust me, roguish behavior, in a sort of good way.The drama takes place in that well she is duh a fairy and should not fall for a human. Then there is something else. And then at last there is a really bad guy who I want to kick. Powers conspire to keep them apart.It was cute with a few hot moments. A light book that I read fast.