Gwynneth Ever After

Gwynneth Ever After - Linda Poitevin This was a sweet story. It had its share of drama and heartache, but also hope and love.Gwyn has 3 kids and does not want to let a man come close. Totally understandable cos her ex was an ass. She is hardworking and loves her kids. They are a perfect family (which means normal, messy and real.) Then she meets a guy, a famous actor. Yes not really the man of her dreams. But Gareth has his own soul searching going on. I did like the way they fell for each other. It felt real. She was not like the airheads he was used to meeting. And with the whole drama he had going on I am sure it helped to fall for her.But yes I have mentioned drama. He is a famous actor, she is a nobody with 3 kids. He lives far far way, her whole life is in Canada. She can't just let anyone come in to their life when she has kids, she had to think about them too. And he has a secret. But the title has ever after in it, it's not a spoiler that things will work out and the ending was cute. Very movie like.A sweet (I said it again! lol) story that I read fast. Love is always wonderful. And I liked him homey it felt.