Catching Fireflies (Sweet Magnolias Series #9)

Catching Fireflies  - Sherryl Woods I liked this one, and it also dealt with a serious subject. And that had me racing towards the end.Laura is a teacher, she is sweet and nice and does not date much. J.C. is a doctor, who never dates, and he is considered a catch. These two do not get out much due to ..things. They end up together cos of a case at the school where she works. One part is about their budding romance, and them trying to keep it quiet and deny everything (oh how those small town gossip, I love it!).The second part is the serious part. A girl is being bullied and it gets worse and worse. It was horrible, kids (and grownups) can be so cruel and they do not see the error of their way. But this is one small town that does not approve of bullying. But it takes a lot for it all to calm down. And Woods handles the whole situation well.A good romance, and a good story. I enjoyed the book, it was easy to read, even with the subject in hand.