Fire & Frost (Iron Seas, #3.4; Code of Shadows, #0.5) - Meljean Brook,  Carolyn Crane,  Jessica Sims First up was the novella that turned out to be my fav. Speed Mating by Jessica Sims (but then I do love Jill Myles' work :)The story was sexy, fun and worked so well just as a novella. But I of course want more by Jessica Sims now.Conjuring Max was the story I did not really care for. It had it's moments, but it felt like it would have worked better as a book. I felt a bit confused at times.The last story was a story of the Iron Seas, I miss that series now, even if nothing compared to book 1. Even if this novella was good, I also felt here that it would have worked better as a book. But then I am not a fan of novellas in the end.What did I learn. I need to read Jessica Sims and I miss the Iron seas series. I mean stuff is happening, more please.